Come join The Studio!

The Studio is what I call the Artglish community I am working to build – people who enjoy talking about their art and design work in English. I knew when I started Artglish that community would be an important part of what I wanted to create. I love the community that I have formed with my past students in the classroom and wanted to recreate that online. ✌️👋🤜🤛

My vision for this group is to give people interested in art and design a place to practice talking about their work that is comfortable, free, and fun! Many of my students and clients have told me that they don’t feel like they can share their ideas or opinions easily at work, or that they wish they had a place to practice where it was ok to make mistakes. I’m hoping the Studio community can be that place! 🤩🤗🥰

My vision of The Studio includes these benefits:
💌 You’ll get my newsletter with useful free resources and special opportunities.
🤝 You can join our private Facebook group, where you can meet other artists and designers to connect or ask questions.
👩‍💻 You can join us every month for Artchat, which is a group video call where you can practice speaking with the other artists and designers in The Studio. We’ll choose different topics to discuss every month, based on what the group is interested in.

I’m still building this community and I’m always looking for new ideas. If you are interested, please shoot me an email!