Featured Artist: Yuwei Gong

In the Featured Artist|Designer section, I highlight artists and designers that I’ve worked with personally as students or clients. The goal is to promote their work to a larger audience and to give more context to the kind of work that I do as an English language coach. Yuwei Gong was a student in my … Continue reading Featured Artist: Yuwei Gong

Video Mondays

On Mondays, we look at videos of art critiques, interviews, and resource demos. Today we’ll discuss a painting by Hula, a water muralist from Hawai’i. I’ll ask three questions for you to reply to in the comments, and then I’ll share the answers on Facebook during Friday Live!  This is the Rouen Cathedral series by … Continue reading Video Mondays

Wordy Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, we look at artist/designer statements or About pages and discuss the vocabulary they use to describe their work. Today we’ll look at the About page of Danny Shervin, a painter that uses gunpowder as his medium. Here is the text from his About page, in italics. Danny Shervin is a painter based in … Continue reading Wordy Wednesdays

Thursdays in Review

 On Thursdays, we read reviews or news stories about art or design and study the language used in them. This week’s article is about muralist Mona Caron. Here are the first three paragraphs from Colossal, in italics. Muralist Mona Caron (previously) has continued her worldwide Weeds series, with colorful renderings of humble plants growing ever taller on buildings from Portland … Continue reading Thursdays in Review

Let’s Talk Tuesdays

On Tuesdays, we watch talks or interviews with artists and designers and discuss how to present our work clearly and with confidence. This week we’ll watch a TED talk by painter Alexa Meade. It’s a little old now, but I use this talk often when I teach speaking skills, and I think she’s a really interesting … Continue reading Let’s Talk Tuesdays