If you are an artist or designer and need help sharing your work in English, these custom lessons are the choice for you. I can coach you on your speaking and presentation skills, help you to proofread your writing or your online portfolio, or give advice about the best words or phrases to use. I work with learners at any ability level.

I can share many online tools to help you improve your English quickly, and my feedback is useful and easy to understand. You’ll get suggestions that can help you achieve your goals in just a few weeks, and you’ll have many chances to practice. Below are some examples of learning goals we can work on.

Get a new job or internship: I’ll help you write a great resume, cover letter, and work on your interview skills.

Discuss your work with colleagues: I’ll help you learn to critique and speak with confidence in meetings.

Improve your vocabulary for your medium: I’ll help you learn the best words to describe your work with correct pronunciation.

Apply for school or an artist residency program: I’ll help you write a good application letter, prepare your portfolio, or answer interview questions about your work.

Show your work in a gallery: I’ll help you write a good artist statement and descriptions of your pieces.

Create a website or sell your work online: I’ll help you write a good About page and descriptions of your projects or pieces.

Give a gallery talk, presentation, or interview: I’ll coach you on how to sound professional and use good pronunciation. I can also give you advice about how to make good slides.

Improve your conversation skills: I’ll help you learn to talk about art and design more comfortably with colleagues or friends.

Write a grant: I’ll help you write about your work in a way that is clear, correct, and professional.

The rate for individual video call lessons is $50/hour, or you can save money and buy a package. You can also schedule a group lesson to share the cost with others that want similar practice. The rate for written feedback or proofreading services is $30/hour.