Hi, I’m Jessica Gardner. 

I started Artglish because I love teaching English for art and design. The mission of Artglish is to help artists and designers change the world by sharing their ideas more confidently in English. Together, we can build a creative community from all over the world to help each other grow and succeed.

There are many great online English teachers, but not many of them have my experience in art and design. Knowing how to talk about art is a special skill, and I’m happy to share my expertise with you. I know many strategies and tools to help you express your ideas more effectively in English. I also know the frustrations and challenges that go into the creative process, and I understand how hard it can be to convey your ideas to someone else.

I have worked with many beginner-level students, and it’s such a joy to see them make the change from being frustrated and shy to talking passionately about their art and design work. It makes me very proud to see my students and clients succeed. To learn more about my background, watch my video bio.

When I’m not blogging or coaching, I like to be creative, cook delicious food, read, travel, and spend time outdoors with my husband, Adam. I also have two cats named George and Polly. Sometimes if you listen carefully, you can hear them meowing in my videos.

Now you know something about me, but I’d like to know more about you! Send me an email to say hi or ask a question!