Changing the world through art: Kid Koala

Every day, creative people are changing the world. Today, we’ll discuss the unusual brainchild of Canadian DJ Kid Koala, titled Nufonia Must Fall. I had the pleasure of watching this performance in San Jose on Valentine’s Day, and it was an experience I’ll never forget! As he says in the interview, it’s a project that really tests the limits of what is possible in the performing arts.

Who is Kid Koala?

Eric San, who goes by the stage name Kid Koala, is a man of many talents. His website bio describes him as “a world-renowned scratch DJ, music producer, film composer, video game composer and award winning graphic novelist.” A look at his “Projects in Progress” page shows that he has a lot of ideas that he’s pursuing and seems to enjoy finding new ways to combine or expand different art forms.

The thing that’s so interesting about Nufonia Must Fall is that it’s such a complex concept that it’s difficult to even describe. First, San wrote the story as a graphic novel. Then, he had the idea of performing it live with puppets, like a silent film set to music. So, he pitched the idea to film director KK Barrett, and the rest is history. Together with the Afiara String Quartet and a group of puppeteers and technicians from Montreal, they put on a show unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

How is Kid Koala sharing and promoting his work?

First off, he has a very engaging website, with details about all his projects, an interesting bio, and an online store. He gives really well-written descriptions of his work, both on the project pages and inside the store. He also has a YouTube channel if you’d like to see more of his videos, and you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

In addition, he’s a very engaging speaker. As you can see in the interview he gives above, he’s quite comfortable talking about his work. At the performance I attended, he came out on stage alone first, explained the show, joked around with the audience, and did a little dj number for us before the show began. Because he’s involved in so many projects and collaborates with so many people, has has a lot of opportunities to share his work with new audiences.

How could I help?

Performing artists have to be confident in front of an audience, and that same confidence can help them when speaking about their work as well. Some of the things that San does well in this short interview clip are that he gestures and uses facial expressions to convey a lot feeling while he tells his story. He also speaks very naturally and pauses when he needs to think. He doesn’t try to rush or use a lot of filler words. He seems very relaxed and confident. He also describes his work and the process he followed in creating this work really well. It’s a complex project to describe, but you can tell he’s comfortable and practiced when talking about it.

As an English language coach, I help my clients to build their confidence and learn how to describe their work in a way that sounds very natural. I help them to understand the differences in nuance between similar words, so that they convey the right feeling when they speak. I help them to master the jargon and other phrases that are commonly used in their industries. I help them prepare for interviews, coach them on their body language, and even give them practice interviews. When they get flustered, I give them feedback and suggestions to help them overcome their anxieties.

I want to help you too!

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