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Every day, creative people are changing the world. Today, we’ll look at the work of video blogger Nuseir Yassin, who uses the name Nas Daily in his videos. Nas means “people” in Arabic, and his mission for the past several years has been to travel, to learn about people in other places, and to help them connect across the world. Here’s one of his recent videos.

Who is Nas?

He’s a Palestinian-Israeli, who grew up in northern Israel, graduated from Harvard in the U.S., and then got a very well-paying job coding at Venmo in New York City.  He soon realized that this work was not fulfilling to him, so he saved up $60,000 and quit his job. In 2016, he set off to travel the world and make videos to document his journey. He decided to make a video every day for 1,000 days, and he’s almost reached that goal. Since then, his simple yet effective style has attracted 11 million followers on Facebook. Pretty impressive, right!?!

Nas has made 983 videos as of today. I chose the one above to share because, as a teacher, it was very meaningful for me. He has videos on all kinds of great topics though, and often he uses them to bring people together and challenge stereotypes about people and places.

How is he sharing and promoting his work?

Nas shares all of his videos online – primarily through his Facebook Page. He also has a website, an Instagram account, and a Facebook group. What I really love about Nas’s work is that he encourages us as viewers to open our minds and be inspired by the stories he shares. He also uses meetups to get other people involved in the locations he travels to. This creates a lot of positive energy and shows just how powerful art can be at bringing people together.

You can view his videos on his website here:
Or on his Facebook page here:

How could I help?

Nas doesn’t need any help from me. He’s great at what he does and has managed to build a huge following in just a few years with his fun and engaging 1-minute videos. He wasn’t born with this ability, though. In an interview he shared with, we learn that Nas was a shy and awkward kid. He had to learn how to make good videos. It’s a skill that he has mastered with time, patience, and practice, and you can learn it too.

What I can do, is to describe what makes his videos so effective and share some tips on how you can make good videos too. First, let’s talk about the content of his videos. When making a video, remember these suggestions. Keep it simple, and choose interesting topics. You don’t need a lot of special effects or fancy equipment to make a good video. But you do need to talk about something that interests people.

You should also try to use good storytelling techniques to keep your viewers engaged, and have a positive message. In a series of videos Nas did on the relationship between Israel and Palestine, he said that he wanted to show both the positive and negative, the gray area between them, but without making us feel negative. I think this is a really important point and a good balance to find. People want and need to know about the problems in the world, but it’s important to share that information in a way that empowers them to get involved instead of making them feel depressed or helpless.

In addition to good content, it’s important to use good speaking skills when making a video. You want to make sure that you speak slowly and clearly to make yourself easy to understand. It’s also a good idea to smile and use gestures to emphasize your points. Keep good eye contact with the camera, so your viewers feel you are speaking directly to them. Also, try to use good intonation to show your enthusiasm for your topic. Nas looks right at us, smiles and gestures constantly, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Finally, to make your videos look even more professional, I suggest adding subtitles, like Nas does. It will help non-native speakers to follow what you’re saying, and the gold text he adds gives even more emphasis when making his points. He also uses beautiful imagery and creatively cuts between shots to break up the speaking content and keep our attention. These extra details can be the difference between a good video and a great one.

I want to help you too!

If this artist inspires you, leave a comment or share this post with a friend! If you want to share your work with a larger audience, I can help! Download my free guide: How to make great videos (10 tips for non-native English speakers). It can help you to be sure your videos are easy to understand, engaging, and enjoyable. If you’re interested in working with a coach, you can also schedule a free trial lesson so we can talk about what you need and how I can help! 

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