Changing the world through design: Zev Bianchi

Every day, creative people are changing the world. Today, we’ll look at the work of Zev Bianchi, an industrial designer from Australia. He designs folding furniture and stairs for people who live in small spaces or who want a more flexible space. Although it sounds simple, his work is amazing!

Who is Zev Bianchi?

I first saw industrial designer Zev Bianchi’s folding stairs in a Facebook video, and I was blown away. It’s a beautifully simplistic idea, and yet it’s genius. As I researched him further, I was equally impressed by his furniture designs. I’ve lived in a lot of places that were tight on space (San Francisco, Macau, a sailboat), so I really appreciate furniture that is practical and versatile. These designs are both, plus they’re sustainably created, easy to use, and lovely to look at. In short, they are great designs.

How is he sharing and promoting his work?

Bianchi’s business, BCompact, has a detailed portfolio website and accounts on social media and YouTube. The website includes a basic About page, photo galleries of his designs, and an online shop. I thought it was really smart that some of the pieces include descriptions and FAQs, since I’m sure a lot of people have questions about his process. He also includes some videos where he talks about his work, such as the one above. His photos and videos look very professional, and the lighting is great.

If you want to take a look at his site, here is the link:

How could I help him improve?

If Bianchi were my client, I’d suggest some additions to his About page. In it, he describes the circumstances that helped him discover his passion and led him to his current work. He also describes his educational background and shares a little about his path to starting his own business. This is interesting, but I’d like to know more.

He does a good job of sharing his story and the way his lifestyle inspired his work. I think he could go even further here and relate his experience more directly to that of his readers. (Remember that the purpose of an About page is to connect with your readers and to let them know what you can do for them.) Perhaps he could share a specific memory of his time in NYC when he didn’t have enough space to do something he wanted. He might also talk about how his work has evolved over time, what makes it unique, or challenges he’s faced.

Since his unusual techniques are a big part of his designs, I think it might also be interesting to include something about his process on the About page. He includes this kind of information on some of the individual product designs, but it isn’t easy to find quickly. He could talk generally about how he approaches design and the innovative techniques he uses. Any more specific details could remain on the individual design descriptions.

His writing style is clear and specific, and his use of hashtags indicates that he is thinking about the keywords for his site. Although he has no mistakes in terms of grammar or word choice, he could think about including more powerful language in his writing. His style is very clear and easy to understand, but it doesn’t really evoke strong feelings.

The last suggestion I would make is to include his name and photo on the About page. Although this is a business site, as the designer and owner of a business, you are the face of your brand. As I was preparing to write this post, I looked around his website to get his first name, and it was actually quite hard to find. Although there are many other photos and videos of Bianchi elsewhere in the site, having a face and a name on the About page is a good idea for small business owners still creating brand recognition.

I want to help you too!

If this designer inspires you, leave a comment or share this post with a friend! If you want to share your work with a larger audience, I can help! Download my free guide: How to write a great About page (10 tips for non-native English speakers). It can help you to be sure your About page is easy to read, engaging, and effective. If you’re interested in working with a coach, you can also schedule a free trial lesson so we can talk about what you need and how I can help! 

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