Featured Artist: Qianhui De

In the Featured Artist|Designer section, I highlight artists and designers that I’ve worked with personally as students or clients. The goal is to promote their work to a larger audience and to give more context to the kind of work that I do as an English language coach.

Who is Qianhui De?

Qianhui De is a conceptual artist from Shenyang, China. She shares her message through interactive installations and also incorporates social media and branded mementos into her work. The issues she focuses on are women’s rights and gender inequality in the art world. Her work challenges us to see society from a different perspective.

Selections of Qianhui’s work

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These pieces were all part of the same solo exhibit. As you can see, there are many elements and concepts involved. At the core of the exhibit is her boyfriend resume project, where participants can get on a computer and give an interview to create a resume. However, the computer will list “Qianhui’s boyfriend” as the most current job, which is a commentary on how society focuses more on a young woman’s love life than her work.

In addition, she uses a claw machine game with little male dolls to objectify men and demonstrate a role reversal. The tattoos and keychains with her claw branding are mementos of this concept. Viewer participation is important to her, and these are effective ways of engaging her audience.

Another key element is her WeChat group. (For those that don’t know, WeChat is a very popular messaging and social media app in China.) By joining the group, men can sign up for a flirting course and receive training on how to be a better boyfriend. Again, this engages her audience and keeps them thinking about her work after the exhibit ends.

To see more of her work, click the links below:
Solo Exhibition

How did I help?

Qianhui is interested in showing her work internationally, so I gave her feedback on the English portion of her artist statement. The concepts she describes and her exhibition methods are very complex, so finding the right vocabulary and phrases to use was a challenge we faced together. I provided comments for revision of her artist statement on several drafts.

I want to help you too!

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