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Conversation Keys is a free online mini-course to help you improve your conversation skills in one hour.


In this course, you'll learn:
🤗 the culture and etiquette of conversation and critique in the U.S.

The course includes:
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🔑 You'll know the five keys to sharing your ideas, opinions, and passions at work using English.

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Why Artglish?

Every day, creative people are changing the world. Good design can make our lives better and an image or performance can help us connect with each other. Art and design can cross cultural boundaries to share a global message without words. 🌎🌍🌏

But sometimes this “language” of art is not enough, and we must be able to speak or write about our work to interview for a job, apply for an artist residency, present our work to colleagues, or sell our work online. 🗣✍️💻

That’s where I can help. At Artglish, you’ll get the English language coaching you need to share your work with confidence. As you can see on my About page, I have many years of training and experience in art, design, and teaching English. So you can spend less time worrying about your English and more time changing the world! 👩‍💻👨‍🎨🙌

I offer online courses, private tutoring lessons, group lessons, proofreading services, and many free resources to help you reach your dreams. Learn English for art and design here at Artglish. I can help clients in all these areas:

film architecture painting fashion design drawing dance sculpture industrial design advertising web design/ux/ui illustration interior design music printmaking animation graphic design theater jewelry design photography game design

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Success Stories

In addition to these more recent testimonials from my online clients, I also helped young artists and designers improve their English in a university ESL program from 2012-2016. Although they were low-beginner level, they accomplished great things in my class. It was a joy to see how much they could transform and improve in just a few months. I’m very proud of their successes, which continue to inspire me. One of my classes made this video for me at the end of the semester. It is not only a testimonial for me but of all the hard work they did and the community they created together.

Maria Augusta – São Paulo, Brazil

“Jessica focused on my specific needs and tailor the sessions to my needs, was well prepared, explained and presented the topics in a very clear and simple way. I felt that the sessions were very effective.”

Sean – San Jose, U.S.

“She gave me many good methods to improve my communication and presentation skills. . . . After these trainings, my managers and colleagues felt that my communication and presentation got better than before.

She is very patient, actively encourage trainee to overcome troubles during practices. She is very intelligent, very nice.”

Qianhui – Shenyang, China

“The course is helpful for my English and art related further study. I am thankful for that Jessica spent a lot of time on course setup, online one to one meeting and feedback. It would be great for art major students or emerging artists or designers. Really appreciate for what Jessica taught me.”