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The Portfolio Language Mini-Course is a free email series to help you improve your portfolio in three ways.

♦️ Day 1: Check Your Credibility
The first topic is credibility, which means your language looks professional, and that allows people to trust you. One important way to improve your credibility is to correct the mistakes in your English. On the first day of the course, I share seven tips and a free resource to help you do that.

♦️ Day 2: Check Your Terminology
The second topic is terminology, which includes speaking the language of your industry. On the second day of the course, I share seven ideas and two more resources for choosing the best terminology to describe your work.

♦️ Day 3: Check Your Hierarchy
The third topic is hierarchy, which is what makes your portfolio visually easy to understand. Improving your visual hierarchy can help your audience to stay engaged with your work longer. On the final day of the course, I share seven suggestions to make your hierarchy clear and compelling.

🤩 After completing this mini-course, you’ll be able to share your portfolio with greater confidence!

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